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RENT: Casting Interest

We are thrilled to open casting for our upcoming new staging of RENT, taking place early July 2020. We are looking for anyone aged 15+ to be part of our company.


RENT rehearses in two ways to allow for everyone to be involved! Within the show, the full company will be on stage for all of Act One & be heavily used during Act Two. The only difference between the two groups is how they rehearse.


INTENSIVE: Two full time rehearsal weeks in April and June rehearsing our principal cast. Anyone wishing to be considered for a Principal Role MUST be able to attend the full two weeks. These weeks are worked around Drama School and University holidays, which this group is mainly aimed at.


WEEKLY: Rehearsing on a Wednesday night alongside some evenings during the rehearsal weeks. We welcome everyone to be part


If interested in learning more, please fill out the brief form below and we will send you the full Launch Pack & Application in the next two weeks! 

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